Interview with Burgess Watts

Why did you start Back In the Game Content Recovery?
I started this business for 2 very distinct reasons.1. I think there is always a place for a business that will consistently do the right thing when dealing with customers, employees, and vendors. Having been in this industry for almost 25 years, I believe my reputation from the way I have treated people over time has allowed me to develop strong relationships that give people a reason to want to work with me.
2. My employees. Many of my employees have worked with me during the 25 years I have been in this industry. They know how I operate and we trust each other and enjoy working together.

What do you want people to know about B.I.G.?
I want to operate a business that my family is proud of and my customers are loyal to because of what we stand for- integrity.
I also love to compete. I always have and always will. I believe good and honest competition is vital to our industry and drives you to make sure you are staying on top of your game every day you come to work.

How do you go above and beyond just a good image?
Image is a tricky adjective in our industry because I believe people can have the best-looking trucks, equipment, and buildings but it doesn’t mean they run a good, clean company. Although I do believe in keeping our trucks looking great and our building clean, our image is best displayed through our employees who represent our business. Whether it is a salesperson showing compassion during the initial visit of helping a customer through a very difficult circumstance or a customer service representative working through issues with that same client at the end of the restoration process, I want our values to remain consistent and true. It’s in our best interest to treat people the way we would like to be treated ourselves.

What kind of relationships do you maintain with your vendors?
In the past, I have watched many of my suppliers grow with us. It’s actually a very cool thing to watch. Your suppliers are one of the numerous key ingredients it takes to start, maintain and grow your company. Great suppliers are like good auto mechanics. Once you find a good one, hold on to that relationship because they can help you out of some tough situations. Why? Because they want to based on a relationship that has been mutually beneficial.

How do you differ from competitors?
In our industry, everyone claims that they do things better than the next guy. I am not so sure that’s true because we are all exposed to the same training methods. Those processes and procedures spread so quickly through our competitors that I would have a hard time of making the claim that we do it faster or cheaper.
I do believe this-
We do A LOT of specialty content that others are afraid to try for fear of damaging or ruining something. Another factor that makes us different is our customer service department. Our communication with the customer and adjuster from start to finish ensures a smoother project during the entire process. Additionally, if my team is not able to close a project due to a customer service concern, I personally get involved and walk the customer and project to the finish line. It’s important to me because it lets the customer know I care and it shows my team that I will help support them in any way I can, especially during difficult times.

Do you have any business philosophies you live by?
I truly believe that we are all equals. The fact that I am the owner of the business doesn’t give me any special power or reason to think I am any different from my employees. One of the most important pieces to running a successful business is knowing that my employees can trust me. If they trust me, they will do just about anything to make sure we succeed. Once my employees know that I do not use my title or authority offensively and they truly feel comfortable about everything they do or every decision they make, I have an employee that is confident and will make a positive impact in our company. Believe me, gaining that trust is one of the most gratifying experiences for me because I can see when “trust” is complete in everything they do. The way they walk into the building, the way they talk with me and the confidence they exude when they attack the challenges of the day.