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Natural disasters have the power to wreak havoc not only on your business, but your peace of mind. The stress that follows water and fire damage is immense. We use the word compassionate as one way to describe ourselves because B.I.G. understands the pain that follows “closed until further notice” signs and losing profits.

We focus on efficient inventory and restoration practices to return your business and its’ contents to pre-loss condition as quickly as possible. Our clear communication keeps all parties informed throughout the claim, decreasing worry and maximizing productivity.

Your BIG problem doesn’t require great results, it requires BIG results. Let’s help you get the doors reopened and Back In the Game!

Our Restoration Services Include


Learn more about our document restoration and recovery services!

Nearly all commercial projects, as well as some residential restoration projects, require some form of document restoration.


Learn more about our electronics refurbishing and restoration services!

Electronics and small equipment have become necessities for both work and personal lives.


Learn more about our extensive textile restoration services!

What makes a house a home or a commercial building your office? Your personal touch, of course.

Art & Collectibles

Learn more about our art & collectibles techniques and restoration services!

Art and collectibles hold intrinsic value and memories that are passed down for generations.