When referring to Krystal, it is probably easier to ask “what can’t you do?” Krystal’s parents sparked her interest in art creation and restoration at an early age when they started their own booth in an antique mall. Growing up researching, buying, selling, cleaning, and repairing antiques gave Krystal a passion and talent in all things art. Krystal is just as talented at creating art as she is at restoring it. Her passion for continuous education of how art and collectibles are created makes her an expert at restoring them. Krystal is experienced with various restoration materials and techniques such as: ceramic, plaster, greenware and resin statuary; darkroom and digital photography, professional framing, mounting; pottery and wheel throwing; theater set designing and building; oil and acrylic paintings; taxidermy repairs and cleaning; sewing techniques including needlepoint and cross-stitch. While it’s hard to narrow down her specialty, Krystal enjoys the meticulous act of color matching and in-painting most. When she’s not antiquing or attending car shows with her husband, they enjoy spending time with their two cats.