Steve Garner has been in the restoration industry for 16 years working extensively in the field of contents and specialized contents. Before starting his adventure in the restoration field, he was a component level bench technician for 11 years. During that time, he helped establish and manage several in store repair facilities for Silo Corporation and moved over to Tandy Corp for 8 years. Steve now brings to B.I.G. over 16 years of experience with 13 of them managing large loss and CAT losses in the field of specialty contents. From fires to hurricanes, Steve has seen and restored the worst damaged items. He has worked on losses in hospitals, banks, colleges, law firms, libraries and residential homes. With his knowledge of specialty contents, he brings a unique and welcome insight to what needs to be done. In working with fires and floods across the country, Steve has the expertise in cleaning soot, mud and other contaminants that most do not. His knowledge of the industry and specialized contents allows him to assist clients, contractors and adjusters dealing with losses in the best possible way.